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Verbal Behavior SIG

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Verbal Behavior and Other ABA International Special Interest Groups


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Mission Statement

The Autism SIG, chartered by the Association for Behavior Analysis International, brings together those individuals who specialize in or have an interest in the application of behavior analysis to the education and treatment of autism across the lifespan. The Autism SIG has three primary purposes:

1) To promote behavior analytic research and the exchange of scientific information in the area of autism treatment;

2) To advocate for and promote high standards in the application of behavior analytic treatments; and

3) To support consumers of applied behavior analysis (ABA) services.

Description of Membership 

Our diverse membership includes academicians, researchers, administrators, practitioners from a variety of disciplines, parents, and other consumers. We welcome new members who share our interest in applied behavior analysis and autism treatment.


Parent-Professional Partnership

In response to the growing number of parents who are seeking information from the Association for Behavior Analysis, we created the PPP SIG in 2000. This group was intended to serve both parents of children with autism and related disabilities and interested professionals. While the Autism SIG has a long and successful history of providing a forum for professional discussion and networking, the Parent-Professional Partnership SIG has attempted to address the specific needs and concerns of parents, particularly parents who attend ABA International's annual convention.


We continually strive to use parents’ perspectives, experiences, and perseverance to make the journey easier for others. We also hope that this SIG serves as a forum for discussion among parents and professionals to improve service delivery to families.


Verbal Behavior SIG

This SIG is dedicated to the study of "language" from a behavior analytic point of view. Behavior Analysts attempt to study humans and nonhumans as objectively as possible, thus the focus on observable behaviors, as well as antecedents and consequences of those behaviors. The term "verbal behavior" was coined by Skinner (1957)- see that text for an in-depth analysis of language from a behavioral perspective.


Speech Pathology and Applied Behavior Analysis

The Speech Pathology SIG's mission is to promote dissemination of behaviorally oriented speech and language research/application of evidence-based practices to speech and language professionals (SLP).











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