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Policy Papers and Reports on Autism and Treatment

Page history last edited by Regina Claypool-Frey 15 years, 2 months ago

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Page created 2/16/09 Regina Claypool-Frey

If your state has a task force report or white paper that you feel should be added,

please email with the state and a link to the document(s). Thank you! 

  1. National
      1. Arguments in Support of Private Insurance Coverage for Autism-Related Services
      2. Educating Children with Autism (2001)
      3. Trends in State Public Health January 1, 2007-June 30, 2007.
      4. Coverage for Autism December 27, 2006
        1. Update: "Private Insurance Coverage for Treatment of Autism" July 31, 2008
        2. Department of Defense Report and Plan on Services to Military Dependent Children with Autism
        3. American Academy of Pediatrics -Management of children with autism spectrum disorders
        4. The Growing Trend Toward Mandating Autism Coverage. Issues & Answers. CAHI, March 2009
    1. States 
      1. Alabama
        1. Alabama Autism Task Force Final Report to the Governor & Legislature 
      2. Alaska
        1. Early Intensive Intervention Services for Alaska Children with Autism: A Policy Analysis 
      3. California
        1. The California Legislative Blue Ribbon Commission on Autism Report 
      4. Colorado
        1. The Colorado Manual for Working with Children on the Autism Spectrum 
      5. Delaware
        1. (Adults) Task Force to Review Needs for Adults on the Autism Spectrum 
      6. Hawaii
        1. Legislative Report: Services to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
      7. Illinois
        1. Report of the Autism Task Force: Findings and Recommendations.
      8. Indiana
        1. Autism Spectrum Disorder Task Force Recommendations.
      9. Iowa
        1. Best Practice Guidelines in Assessment, Interventions for Students, and Supplement 
      10. Kansas
        1. Report of the Kansas Autism Task Force to the Legislative Educational Planning Committee.
      11. Kentucky
        1. Preliminary Report of the Kentucky Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorders.
      12. Louisiana
        1. House Concurrent Resolution No. 69.
      13. Maine
        1. Report of the MADSEC Autism Task Force.
      14. Maryland
        1. Service Recommendations for Young Children with Autism: Maryland Autism Task Force Report 
      15. Missouri
        1. The Missouri Blue Ribbon Panel Report on Autism:A Guide for Families and Community 
      16. Nevada
        1. 2008 Report of the Nevada Autism Task Force: An Action Plan for Nevada's Legislators & Policymakers.
        2. State of Nevada Autism Task Force 2008 Report of the Nevada Autism Task Force : Executive Summary 
      17. New Hampshire
        1. The New Hampshire Task Force on Autism.
      18. New York
        1. Autism Program Quality Indicators 
        2. Availability and Effectiveness of Preschool Programs for Children with Autism in New York State.
        3. Clinical Practice Guideline: Report of the Recommendations - Autism / Pervasive Developmental Disorders 
        4. Clinical Practice guideline: Quick Reference Guide for Parents and Professionals: Autism/Pervasive Developmental Disorders 
      19. Ohio
        1. Recommendations of the Ohio Autism Taskforce 
      20. Oregon
        1. Executive Summary -Evidence for Effectiveness of Treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorders In Children and Adolescents.
        2. Full Report -Evidence for Effectiveness of Treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorders In Children and Adolescents 
        3. Report of the Caring for Oregon's Children Autism Spectrum Task Force.
      21. Pennsylvania
        1. Autism Task Force Final Report 
      22. Texas
        1. State Plan(s) for Autism 
      23. Vermont
        1. The Vermont Interagency White Paper on Autism Spectrum Disorders.
      24. Washington
        1. Caring for Washington Individuals with Autism Task Force.
      25. Wisconsin
        1. Autism Society of Wisconsin comments on the Task Force Report.
        2. Report of the Governor’s Task Force on Autism 




    Arguments in Support of Private Insurance Coverage for Autism-Related Services

    Autism Speaks/Autism Votes. This document contains the responses to common objections to autism insurance coverage you may encounter and the studies and research papers that support the conclusions. Accessed 16Feb2009.


    Educating Children with Autism (2001)

    Commission on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education (CBASSE).Committee on Educational Interventions for Children with Autism Catherine Lord and James P. McGee, Editors Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education National Research Council. Accessed 16Feb2009.


    Trends in State Public Health January 1, 2007-June 30, 2007.

    Issued August 8, 2007. Chapter 9: Birth Defects and Disabilities Health Policy Tracking Service, a service of Thomson West Lawmakers in 46 states considered legislation pertaining to issues related to birth defects and disabilities. Among those measures, autism spectrum disorders accounted for the largest amount of legislative activity in 2007 with 144 bills introduced on that topic.


    Coverage for Autism December 27, 2006

    December 27, 2006 2006-R-0793. Janet L. Kaminski, Associate Legislative Attorney, Accessed January 1, 2008


    Update: "Private Insurance Coverage for Treatment of Autism" July 31, 2008

    July 31, 2008, Janet L. Kaminski Leduc, Senior Legislative Attorney, OLR Research Report. Accessed March 20, 2009

    Report at end itemizes state coverage for autism services, and reason for substitution bill replacing Connecticut, Raised Bill 5696, to remove  the coverage of Applied Behavior Analysis.


    Department of Defense Report and Plan on Services to Military Dependent Children with Autism

    July 2007.. Accessed January 1, 2008


    American Academy of Pediatrics -Management of children with autism spectrum disorders

    Myers, S.M., Plauche Johnson, C.,


    Management of children with autism spectrum disorders

    . Pediatrics, 120(5), 1162-1182 (doi:10.1542/peds.2007-2362)


    "...The primary goals of treatment (of autism) are to minimize the core features and associated deficits, maximize functional independence and quality of life, and alleviate family distress. Facilitating development and learning, promoting socialization, reducing maladaptive behaviors, and educating and supporting families can help accomplish these goals. Ideally, interventions should help mitigate the core features of ASDs, which include impairment in social reciprocity, deficits in communication, and restricted, repetitive behavioral repertoire..


    behavioral strategies and habilitative therapies, are the cornerstones of management of ASDs. These interventions address communication, social skills, daily-living skills, play and leisure skills, academic achievement, and maladaptive behaviors. 



    Applied Behavior Analysis

    Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is the process of applying interventions that are based on the principles of learning derived from experimental psychology research to systematically change behavior and to demonstrate that the interventions used are responsible for the observable improvement in behavior. ABA methods are used to increase and maintain desirable adaptive behaviors, reduce interfering maladaptive behaviors or narrow the conditions under which they occur, teach new skills, and generalize behaviors to new environments or situations. ABA focuses on the reliable measurement and objective evaluation of observable behavior within relevant settings including the home, school, and community. The effectiveness of ABA-based intervention in ASDs has been well documented through 5 decades of research by using single-subject methodology21,25,27,28 and in controlled studies of comprehensive early intensive behavioral intervention programs in university and community settings.29–40 Children who receive early intensive behavioral treatment have been shown to make substantial, sustained gains in IQ, language, academic performance, and adaptive behavior as well as some measures of social behavior, and their outcomes have been significantly better than those of children in control groups.31–40 


    Programs for Older Children and Adolescents

    Some model programs provide programming throughout childhood and into adulthood.11 More commonly, the focus of specialized programs is on early childhood, and published research evaluating comprehensive educational programs for older children and adolescents with ASDs is lacking. However, there is empirical support for the use of certain educational strategies, particularly those that are based on ABA, across all age groups to increase and maintain desirable adaptive behaviors, reduce interfering maladaptive behaviors or narrow the conditions under which they occur, teach new skills, and generalize behaviors to new environments or situations.13,21,28


    The Growing Trend Toward Mandating Autism Coverage. Issues & Answers. CAHI, March 2009

    The Council for Affordable Health Insurance (CAHI). March 2009.

    • Intro
    • Mental Health or Habilitative Services?
    • Coverage for Autism
    • Which States Cover Autism?
    • The Push for Expanded Autism Coverage
    • The Cost of Autism Coverage
    • Conclusion 




    Alabama Autism Task Force Final Report to the Governor & Legislature 

    Alabama Autism Task Force, January 2009, 49 pages. Accessed 15 Feb 2009




    Early Intensive Intervention Services for Alaska Children with Autism: A Policy Analysis 

    The Governor’s Council on Disabilities & Special Education August 2008, 16 pages., Accessed 15Feb2009




    The California Legislative Blue Ribbon Commission on Autism Report 

    September 2007, Accessed January 1, 2008




    The Colorado Manual for Working with Children on the Autism Spectrum 

    For Teachers, Service Providers, and Parents Developed by the Colorado Task Force, June 2000, 32 pages. Accessed 15Feb2009. 




    (Adults) Task Force to Review Needs for Adults on the Autism Spectrum 

    Autism Definition and Scope Subcommittee. 33 pages. Accessed 15Feb2009.




    Legislative Report: Services to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

    2004. 13 pages. Accessed 15Feb2009.




    Report of the Autism Task Force: Findings and Recommendations.

    September 14, 2005. Bennett Leventhal, M.D., Co-chair, Brian Rubin, J.D., Co-chair. Illinois Department of Human Services. 31 pages. Accessed 15Feb2009.




    Autism Spectrum Disorder Task Force Recommendations.

    May 2008, June 2008. Accessed 15Feb2009.




    Best Practice Guidelines in Assessment, Interventions for Students, and Supplement 

    Page with multiple reports. Accessed 15Feb2009.




    Report of the Kansas Autism Task Force to the Legislative Educational Planning Committee.

    December 2007. 14 pages. Accessed 15Feb2009.




    Preliminary Report of the Kentucky Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorders.

    June 8, 2006. 21 pages. Accessed 15Feb2009.




    House Concurrent Resolution No. 69.

    Rep. Williams, Regular Session 2008. 3 pages. Accessed 15Feb2009.




    Report of the MADSEC Autism Task Force.

    Feb 2000 (Rev. Ed.) 68 pages. Accessed 15Feb2009.




    Service Recommendations for Young Children with Autism: Maryland Autism Task Force Report 

    Maryland State Department of Education Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Services, December 2004, 71 pages. Accessed 15 Feb 2009.




    The Missouri Blue Ribbon Panel Report on Autism:A Guide for Families and Community 

    (December, 2007) This family guide is produced by parent members of the Missouri Autism Coalition (MAC) and Missouri Families for Effective Autism Treatment (MO-FEAT). This summary in no way meant to replace the official senate report. It is merely a tool to help families and community members understand the report and recommendations and should only be used as such.




    2008 Report of the Nevada Autism Task Force: An Action Plan for Nevada's Legislators & Policymakers.

    Complete document & recommendations. Appendix A-G in separate documents. Ralph Toddre, Chair. July 28, 2008. 196 pages. Accessed 15 Feb 2009.



    State of Nevada Autism Task Force 2008 Report of the Nevada Autism Task Force : Executive Summary 

    Ralph Toddre, July 28, 2008, 11 pages., Accessed 15 Feb 2009.



    New Hampshire

    The New Hampshire Task Force on Autism.

    Part 1: Assessment and Interventions., 69 pages. Accessed 15Feb2009



    New York

    Autism Program Quality Indicators 

    A Self-Review and Quality Improvement Guide for Schools and Programs Serving Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, August 2001.

    Availability and Effectiveness of Preschool Programs for Children with Autism in New York State.

    WIHD in collaboration with the NYAN Regional Centers. 2004 (Internet Archive) Accessed 16Feb2009.


    Clinical Practice Guideline: Report of the Recommendations - Autism / Pervasive Developmental Disorders 

    Assessment and Interventon for Young children (Age 0-3 years) NY Department of Health, Early Intervention Program. Accessed 16Feb2009.


    Clinical Practice guideline: Quick Reference Guide for Parents and Professionals: Autism/Pervasive Developmental Disorders 

    Assessment and Interventon for Young children (Age 0-3 years). New York State Department of Health, Division of Family Health, Bureau of Early Interventon. 107 pages. Accessed 16Feb2009. 




    Recommendations of the Ohio Autism Taskforce 

    Accessed 15Feb2009.




    Executive Summary -Evidence for Effectiveness of Treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorders In Children and Adolescents.

    Oregon Health Resources Commission. October 2008. Accessed 16Feb2009


    Full Report -Evidence for Effectiveness of Treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorders In Children and Adolescents 

    Oregon Health Resources Commission, October 2008. Accessed 16Feb2009 


    Report of the Caring for Oregon's Children Autism Spectrum Task Force.

    July 1, 2000, 18 pages. Accessed 15 Feb 2009.




    Autism Task Force Final Report 

    Department of Public Welfare Commonwealth of Pennsylvania December 2004. Accessed 15Feb2009.




    State Plan(s) for Autism 

    Accessed 15Feb2009. 




    The Vermont Interagency White Paper on Autism Spectrum Disorders.

    Report to the ACT 264 Board dated March 2006. 77 pages. Accessed 15Feb2009.




    Caring for Washington Individuals with Autism Task Force.

    Report to the Governor and Legislature, Priority Recommendations and Implementation Plans December 2007, 139 pages. Accessed 15Feb2009




    Autism Society of Wisconsin comments on the Task Force Report.

    November 12, 2004., 3 pages. Accessed 15Feb2009.


    Report of the Governor’s Task Force on Autism 

    Submitted to Governor Jim Doyle, November 2004, 29 pages. Accessed 15Feb 2009





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