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LIFE slides

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Presentations from

Intervención Intensiva Conductual y Temprana para niños con Autismo(VR):

Curso Experto en Síndromes de Baja Incidencia. Granada. Mayo 2004.



The generative language matrix: A comprehensive clinical analysis of generative language

classes, conditional discriminations, ecobehavioral functions, abstract comprehension, and natural language development]

Eric V. Larsson, Kara Riedesel, Angela Keene, Leslie Davis

LIFE, University of Minnesota, University of Kansas

April 30, 2003

First half

Second half


Understanding and Reducing Negative Behaviors in Children with Autism

Christine M. Averill, Ph.D.

• Clinical Director, IBI Clinic, Children’s Hospital

Autism Center

• Clinical Assistant Professor, The Ohio State

University College of Medicine and Public


The Efficacy of Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI) for Children with Autism

Christine M. Averill, Ph.D.


Intensive Early Intervention using Behavior Therapy is No Longer Experimental.

Eric V. Larsson, Ph.D.



Eric V. Larsson, Ph.D, Kara Riedesel


Aplicación del Método Lovaas/UCLA en España




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