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Hiring Therapists

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Advertising for therapist positions


Ad from ABAChicago, Kathy and Calvin.

1. Sample Ad for Therapists

Here is a sample ad…..

Seeking People to work with a Child with Autism

Position: ABA/VB Therapist

Hours: # of hours/per day/week


We are seeking people( preferably psychology majors) to join our intensive home based

Applied Behavior Analysis program with an emphasis in Verbal Behavior (developed

based upon the researches of Dr. BF Skinner) for our autistic child.

The program: A brief explanation of your program (Optional)

Training: Initial training will be provided followed by tri monthly full day training

sessions by our BCBAs (mention any other training offered)

Rate: We offer a competitive salary per hour based on previous experience with periodic

raise and training.

Please contact at if you are interested in this position..


2. Universities where ads can be placed

3. Newspaper want ads

3. Suggested websites for placing therapist ads



4. Craigs List ADD LINK


Interview Questions for Therapists




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