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General Info and FAQs

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Page VERY MUCH in Progress.


While this is being developed, please join a YAHOOGROUP, esp. Verbal Behavior and DTT-NET to pose question.

General Info and FAQs



Q: How do I start a Home-based ABA/VB program?


A: See, \"How to Start A Home Based ABA/VB program\"

Parents of Autistic Children Northern Virginia (POAC-NOVA)

Q: Are ABA interventions just for young children?


A: No! See this page for a description of outcome studies and research applicable to school-age, adolescents and adults.



Q: What are some indicators for classroom readiness?


A: See Determining Classroom Readiness Tracy Vail, MS, CCC/SLP

Mariposa School Cary, NC.


Dr. Mark Sundberg's Inclusion Checklist (jpg)

From Mariposa School, Cary, NC.

Q: Any pointers on school shadows?


A: See Preschool Shadow Aide

How to shadow my child with autism at a typical preschool

Y.S. Brobst, M.A. – a parent. Copyright 2001- 2003. All Rights Reserved.



5 Common Mistakes Made by the School Aide

Lovaas Institute Newsletter, Feb. 2007


Q: My child scrolls when signing. What do I do?


A: few responses on this

My own thoughts are that some of the ways that scrolling is shaped is that error-correction is incorrect; that instead of not reinforcing the error, and then representing the initial conditions, that there might be a pattern of error-intercept-prompt correct-reinforce. This can actually shape a chained response of error+correct. This incorrect "correction" procedure is very common, so it's worth checking how you do error correction.


Another teaching error that sometimes occurs is that people accidentally teach scrolling because the initial discrimination is weak and the presentation is not discrete. I have observed a couple of times where the student is clearly going through a menu of signs or vocal mands because s/he is not sure what the correct mand is, and the instructor does not stop and teach the mand, but instead delivers the item in the midst of the scroll because the word/sign hits on the item . That's not a common teaching error, but it does happen.



A1:"...From my experience, scrolling is increased when scrolling is reinforced. (come to think of it you can say that about anything can't you). Regardless, if your child has begun to scroll more, it means that they are allowing scrolled attempts to gain access to the items he wants. It is a very common issue but also very easily fixed.


Have the staff be on the lookout for any scrolled attempts by your child and instead of reinforcing them, gently take his hands down to his side for a few seconds and then allow him to make the sign again. If he scrolls again, repeat the procedure and on this third attempt offer a model prompt if necessary.


The added amount of time it takes to receive the item manded for after he has scrolled will be the reason he begins to try to control his impulses and make the correct sign the first time in the future.


Do this comprehensively and you should see scrolling go away very quickly."



A2:"I have had a lot of early learners scroll in the begining. I think part of the problem is the error-correction procedure.


"I just wanted to offer a quick idea of how we are handling it with one of our kids...


when he scrolls:

stop the scroll

Do an 'over-correction' (make the child do the correct answer- we do it about 5 times).


Do a distrator

Present stimuli to get the targeted answer

If he does give correct answer- reinforce.


this is a quick write-up, and i don't really know what he is scrolling... but this is a 'quick view' of how we are dealing with mand sign scrolling


good luck! Only other advice...

data data data


only through data will you have the information you need to determine a course of action!"



A3:"If the student incorrectly mands during the presentation of the reinforcer (scrolls), conduct the error-correction procedure.


Place the hands down to a neutral position for 2-3 seconds and then use the least intrusive prompt to evoke the response. Deliver the reinforcer, but not as much as you

would have if the student had not scrolled (ex. differentially reinforce).

Record “Sc” for scroll on the data sheet and present the next reinforcer on your sheet using the methods just described..."







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