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welcome to the verbal behavior wiki 


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This site's goal is to try and collect some of the info and resources to answer some common

FAQs about including Skinner's Analysis of Verbal Behavior in an ABA treatment program for a

child with autism, and to provide a pointer to books, videos, consultants, journal articles,

and other helpful information. 

  • Disclaimer 1: This site is parent-developed and represents a best-effort to put together resources, but is not professional recommendation. Providers and services are listed purely for information, and listing does not constitute recommendation, endorsement or warranty.  
  • Disclaimer 2: ABA programs, including those utilizing Skinner's Analysis of Verbal Behavior, require training, assessment, data-taking and analysis, and ongoing monitoring for ethical and effective practice. This site is here to provide background info and ease of access to info, but in no way can be construed as a substitute for input and supervision by a trained and competent professional.
  •  Disclaimer 3: Because of the almost overwhelming amount of information on the web, no single website will probably be comprehensive. We also apologize in advance for this, and for possible changed or inactive web addresses in the links, which are in the hands of the listed service or product.  If you encounter a dead or inactive link please let us know, and we will try to bring the information up to date.

We hope that this site, as an ongoing work-in-progress, will help in locating the info to make a

positive experience and change for children, their families and therapists. 


Best wishes!   

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