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Joining the Direct Instruction Listserv (DI Listserv)





Since this list is on a LISTSERV computer system, it might be different from what you're used to on a yahoogroup. LISTSERV is automated, and somewhat persnickety about how commands are used.


To join the DI-Listserv,


Send an email




Fr: (the email address you want your messages to go to)

Subject: (blank)



IMPORTANT! Do not type ANYTHING other than the instruction in the message body. Make sure that any automated signatures that you may have set up are TURNED OFF. If you make an error, MAJORDOMO will send back an error message, and if the email is accepted, it will send back an acknowledgement.


The DI Listserv does not archive.


Comment: Just a personal heads-up about this list. In the VAST majority, the people there are the EXPERTS on Direct Instruction, and are incredibly generous in sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for the field.


On occasion, however, there have been some "lively" off-topic flame wars, usually related to politics or the ongoing DI vs. constructivist wars (there is a resident "troll"). Lately the list has been well-behaved, due to the appeal of some senior members, but sometimes new members get caught unawares when these off-topic threads get on a roll. The best strategy seems to be not comment on them and try and let the flame war die out from lack of fuel. Just a heads-up.









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